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Significant Steps 

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Although every project is different, here is a breakdown of the most common steps:


Pre-Remediation Mold & Air Testing
An indoor air quality testing company should test for microbial issues to detect the necessary criteria for proper mold remediation. Once the conditions are identified a qualified remediation company, such as AirSafe Inc. of Jacksonville, FL should immediately begin to get the problem under control.

Mold Containment
This seals off the contaminated area and prevents the mold spores and thus the problem from spreading. Forced air HEPA machines are used to create an airflow or negative pressure in the project area
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Mold Removal
The next step in the mold remediation process is the removal and disposal of contaminated materials. This could include drywall, carpet etc...

Mold Cleaning
Next all exposed studs are sanded. The area is HEPA vacuumed, disinfected, treated with a biocide and a anti-microbial sealant. In some cases air-scrubbers and dehumidifiers are used

Small area removed, cleaned and treated

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Post-Mold Remediation Testing
After we have completed the remediation. Post-remediation testing should be done by a qualified Indoor Air Quality company. This will clear the project for rebuild.

This is the final step in the process. The project is turned over to qualified builders for reconstruction. It is important that this step is started only after the project has been cleared.